Townsville Triathlon and Multisport Festival


The Townsville Triathlon and Multisport Festival (TTMF) 2020 event is cancelled in response to the COVID pandemic, following the postponement of the 2021 ITU Multisport World Championship. Triathlon Australia have confirmed the national championship and the qualifying races which were to be part of the 2020 event will be postponed and held in 2021.


The TTMF Committee are saddened to cancel the 2020 event. With so much uncertainty for events in the current COVID environment, it was a necessary decision to ensure the festival could be in the best and safest position to continue in 2021.  The committee is looking forward to welcoming athletes, families and first-timers to the 2021 event. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and Website for updates on the 2021 event. 

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