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The Athlete's Guide to Massage

By: NQ Body Fix

Your recovery plan post training and events is what solidifies all your hard work. Don't overlook creating a recovery plan, it should include:

- Warm Ups and Warm Downs

- Stretching each of your major muscle groups for 30seconds or longer

- Foam rolling and Trigger Balling those extra tight areas

- Scheduling a rest day

- and making time for regular massages

Who needs the massage?

- The beginner athlete

- The social athlete

- The pro athlete

- Any one whos nursing injuries or conditions

Why do you need treatment?

- Reduces muscle soreness

- Promotes quicker recovery

- Can prevent injury

- Helps manage current injuries

- Improves cicrulation

- Dilates blood vessels supplying fresh nutrients

- Improves muscle tones

- Prevents Adhesions

- Increases Flexibility

- Encourages Lymphatic System

When should you get one?

- With an injury - every 1-2 weeks

- Maintenance (during training period) - every 3-4 weeks

- Pre event preparation - 4-7 days before an event

- Post event recovery - within 24/48 hours

- Ideally no high intensity training post massage for 24 hours

What type of massage should you get?

- Remedial Massage - helps realign the body

- Sports Massage - preps the muscle for training and event day

- Deep Tissue - helps maintain body in good condition

- Dry Needling - a technique use with remedial massage when dysfunctions are stubborn

- Relaxation - when you need to chill out



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