Triple M Dirty Kids

Sunday 25th August, 2019

Dirty Kids is a beach obstacle course and fun run designed for kids to get dirty!

Held at Pallarenda, there will be two courses designed to allow kids of all ages to participate.

Children can decide if they would like to do the 1km Short Course or the 2km Long Course, regardless of their age.

The obstacles will range from climbing over and crawling through, running up and rolling down as well as running sections. The finish shute will see the kids have 1 attempt at the warped wall before sliding to the finish line.

Volunteers will be on the course to assist children with the obstacles. No obstacle is compulsory and if a child does not want to attempt one, they can pass it.

Parents will be allowed to go with their children on the course, however will need to meet the child once on the beach. No parents will be permitted in the starting area.

Please note shoes will be compulsory for all participants.

Children will be started in waves of 20 to 30 children at at time with the 10 – 14 years age group starting at 9am. This will allow the children to participate in the course safely and minimise line ups at obstacles.

We ask that all are patient as we work through the waves.

A example of the course can be found below. Please note, this is subject to change.

The objective – to get in, have a go, have some fun and above all get dirty!

For detailed information on the Dirty Event, including registration and parking, please view our Triple M Dirty Kids Competitor Guide.